Do you need Band or Artist Management?

PMS Music Management is a progressive and innovative management company that will supply all of your artist management needs.
We embrace all genres of music and all ages of artists and are particularly keen to work with unsigned bands. We especially welcome all submissions in the form of CD, MP3 or video on DVD together with a biography and links to your Website, Myspace and any other relevant links. 

Details of where to send submissions can be found on our contacts page.

So, Why do you need a manager?

The music business is a business, no more, no less and must be treated as such. Management requires a particular set of skllls and while some artists may have those already, the music business is a complex and very time consuming industry so managers exist to enable you, the artist, to concentrate on your creative side and not get bogged down in the minutiae of the business. 

                        ,                                  Our promise to you
Whilst we will always acknowledge any submissions received, please be aware that due to the volume arriving each week it may take some time for us to respond to you. We are aware that many artists and bands will send off cd's and promo packs to a whole lot of management companies and wait....and wait ....and wait...............

We know that it is very disheartening to make all that effort and to receive no acknowledgement and so we commit to, at the very least, a response to you to let you know your submission has arrived. We will where possible provide feedback and if we like what we see and hear, we will make contact with a view to seeing you live and to meeting with you. We feel that it is important that you are comfortable with ,and like, your management and we in turn will have to like the members of the band and its sound - after all, we would hope to be working with you for many years. 

As a management team, we will be honest with you at all times and are aware that our view may not always accord with yours but any critique that we give will be given positively, with suggestions for change that we wiill be happy to work with you to achieve.
This is because we give 100% commitment to you and expect the same in return .

Is this the type of management that you would like?   if so on...